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Filtration Media

Every filter requires different media that for different application. Emaux provides the latest media that would perform better filtration compare than traditional media.

Brand: Emaux
Product : Pump

Hotline: 01977588599, 01618588599

Our “Crystal” Glass Media is a direct replacement for normal silica sand which offers you the most dependable and cost effective way to enchance the performance of your pool filtration system.

“Crystal” medium has¬†multiple advantages¬†compared to sand:

  • High filtration quality
  • Improved water transparency
  • With the same media size, smaller particles are removed

Cost Saving

  • Reduce 25% of water for backwashing
  • Reduce power consumption for backwashing and shorten the backwashing time
  • Longer operation life than silica sand due to higher attrition strength which do not break easily


  • Swimming Pool
  • Water Park
  • Water Treatment
  • Aquarium

Sizes available

  • 0.5mm-0.8mm
  • 1.0mm-2.0mm
  • 3.0mm-4.0mm

We have 2 sizes (15KG per bag & 25KG per bag) of the packaging.

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