Sauna Room EMS2000

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The health benefit and therapeutic value saunas provide have been known for centuries. For these reasons, Emaux offers a range of saunas to help relax and improve your overall health as well as promote well being. All Emaux Saunas are made with special spruce wood panels., tempered glass door and high-quality sauna heater which is easy to use. With our special air circulation system, you will always breath fresh air.



1 Code : 88400301

2 2m x 2m Sauna Room

3 1950 x 1950 x 2050mm

4 Spruce Wood Panels

5 Tempered Glass Door 6mm with wooden frame

7 2 Spruce Benches 1800 x 500mm with bench surround

8 1 Spruce Bench 1300 x 500mm

9 3 Lampshade with Lamp


– Sauna wooden floor base

– 1 Wood Bucket 4lts

– 1 Wood Ladle 36cm

– Sand Glass and Thermo-hydrometer

(Recommended Heater: 6KW)


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